Time for the Bee Cozies Again

Tuesday. It's been cold enough recently that I decided it was really time to put those bee cozies on. These are big fat "quilts" that slide over the hive and fit tightly over it. They provide some thermal insulation to the hives during the winter. The less energy used to keep themselves warm, the better their survival prospects.

Before putting these on, I got some thermal sheets from Home depot, and cut out rectangular shapes small enough to fit into the inside of the outer lid. This keeps them from losing too much heat at that end too.

Then I got some wood about half an inch thick so that I could prop up the back end of the hive. When I opened up the hives, they had some condensation that had collected on the top. The point of tilting them forward allows any condensation that builds up over the winter to run forward and out, instead of raining down on them and keeping them cold.

So now they have their mouse guards, bee cozies, thermal insulation in the lid, and they tilt forwards, and they are all set for the winter!