Thanks for visiting our CSA webpage. Unfortunately, this summer (2019) we will not be running our CSA. This is partly due to climate change. Last year we had so much rain that the beds were often flooded. The lower third of many of the beds had stunted and stressed crops, and the rest were struggling, especially the root crops. When I dug up the potatoes or carrots, the hole would fill up with water. So we decided to cut back this year and try to figure out what to do to solve the problem. We are very sorry if you were hoping to sign up again this year, but I am just not comfortable promising a whole CSA basket every week. However, we are planning on selling anything we produce on a weekly basis and will announce what we have by the week for anyone interested in coming by. If you would like to be put on the mailing list, please email Jennifer at Also, we will still be selling a few things at Ivoryton Farmers Market.

Thank you!