We are now accepting applications for our summer 2018 CSA. Each week, from June to October you will receive a basket of that week's harvest of our certified Organic vegetables. The CSA runs approximately 4 months (about 20 weeks), ending soon after the first frost. Pickup is at our farm on Thursdays or Fridays from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Start date TBD.



Every week, the farm provides vegetables to CSA members, who pay in advance for a share of this season’s harvest. When you sign up for a CSA, you acknowledge that this is a different experience from buying your produce from the supermarket where you can always get what you need, regardless of the time of year. Instead, you get what we have available that week. In exchange, you will be substituting some convenience for superior taste and quality;  you will experience a more direct connection with the seasons, climate, and the unpredictability of nature; and you will also be supporting your local farmer, and contributing towards a more healthy environment.


Each week you come to the farm to pick up your share for that week during pickup times (see above).  If you need to miss a week you may donate your share for that week to someone else. It may also be possible to swap some items with others when you pick up your share.


Each share will include whatever varieties of vegetables are available that week, from June to October. In June and July, you will find that shares are smaller (e.g., salad mix, peas, cucumber, summer squash, spinach, etc.). Then, the greater abundance of crops that are ready to harvest by late summer means you get a lot more by August, September and October, including beans, carrots, lettuce, cucumber, squash, kale, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and more. 

There is also an optional signup for free range, organic chicken from Cowlick Farms (Willington, CT). The chickens are raised without antibiotics or growth enhancers, on green pastures without pesticides, and provided with a CT Grown, non-GMO feed. If you sign up through our CSA, you can pick up each month's order of chicken from our farm together with your vegetables on pickup day.


Full share: $620 for one large bushel basket of organic vegetables a week, full season

Half share: $360 for about two people, full season

Budget share: $225 for one person for the full season, or two people (i.e., amount for Half share) from August on.


Optional chicken order from Cowlick Farms: $150 for 10 chickens, distributed from June-Aug, one delivery of frozen chicken per month (your monthly order in one delivery).


Have guinea pigs or rabbits? Buying expensive produce from the grocery store to feed them? Get a large bag of fresh, organic produce when you pick up your share, made up of carrot tops, weird-shaped carrots and cucumbers, over-grown spring mix, etc. that are perfectly fine, but people are generally too fussy to eat. $100 for full season (about $5/week). No need to pay now, ask us about this when shares start in June. You can even pay for guinea pig shares by the week.

SIGN UP HERE for our 2018 CSA, and also for chicken from Cowlick Farms.